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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 31, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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at 6:00, the countdown to new year's, preparing to ring in 2011 in style. i>> if you are planning on drinking tonight, we have a safe and free way to get home, coming up. >> times square security, what new york city officials are doing to have a safe celebration tonight. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. captioned by the national captioning institute it is the site of one of the biggest new year celebrations and the world. more than 1 million people are expected to crowd into times square to ring in the new year. >> officials have been preparing for the festivities, clearing out a great deal of snow and also making sure security is tight for the celebrations, and they are using state of the art technology. while 1 million revelers will be focused on watching the ball drop, lots will be watching
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them. it was last year that a man attempted to set off a bomb in times square, and security teams have learned their lesson. >> we were very lucky, no question. >> aside from everyone being screened at up to possibly three times and kept within metal pans, all manhole covers will be sealed. there will be bomb sniffing dogs, snipers on the rooftops, and lots of cameras -- 400 feeding into this nerve center. >> we are concerned about a device someone may bring in on their person. a vehicle born device, a vest of some sort, explosives on the body. >> add to the last several thousand radiation detectors, backpacks are banned, newspaper boxes removed. and don't even think about cutting through a hotel. >> absolutely not. it is very controlled who is on
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the streets. >> with all of the fuss, why even subject yourself to it? well, because it is a classic tradition. and every year we have a great celebration. i think this will be another. >> while the police said there is no specific threat tonight since 9/11, there have been at least six foiled plots targeting new york city. on this new year's eve, we are on storm watch in the south and midwest. at least six people have died in a series of tornadoes in arkansas and missouri. but western arkansas has been hard hit with three people killed and at least five critically injured. three people are dead in southwest missouri. the fast-moving storm destroyed many homes and businesses. >> absolutely incredible, cars overturned, trucks overturned. it is hard to believe such a thing could happen to our city.
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>> i always heard it sounded like a freight train, and that is exactly what it sounded like. before we could move, it was over. >> the unusually warm weather is feeling the tornadoes. the upper plans are bracing for another winter storm even though they are still reeling from the one that blew through last month. blinding snow led to a massive pileup involving 100 cars and trucks near fargo. near seattle, one hill turned into a bumper car track with vehicles sliding into each other. aaa estimates this storm will strand 1 million people at the side of the road. some travelers are still stranded at airports around the nation in the wake of last week's monster storm. for more on the severe weather out west and what to expect it tonight, we turn to steve rudin and the weather center perry -- in the weather center.
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the belfort except furniture weather center, the satellite view, not affecting us overnight, losing its punch as it moves closer towards the mid- atlantic. that will not happen until late tomorrow as the clouds increase. so far today, 18 reports of tornadoes, wind damage, 18 reports, a potent storm system. lot of it dealing with the dividing line between the warm, moist air, temperatures in the 60's indianapolis and nashville, compared with 23 minneapolis. forecast, partly cloudy and cool, no rain to speak of, to pictures in the 40's. the detailed forecast in a few minutes. scott? every new year's eve, up from driving is a major concern, but one program offers a safe way to get home and it is called sober ride. how does this work?
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>> we are in arlington at the command center for sober ride, where all of the calls to the program are received. tonight is the busiest night for the program of the year. >> you are not putting yourself -- you are putting yourself in danger and others as well. >> the year's eve spikes 60%, but thanks to sober ride, last new year's eve 700 potential drunk drivers took free cab rides. >> it is not just the driver in danger but anyone else on the road. >> the program is funded by several charities and offers free cab rides in d.c., maryland, and virginia worth up to $30. just call 1-800-200-taxi. to complete a lot of people have about sober ride is it takes so long to get a ride. and it is great if you can get the cab. >> the fact is we times are not
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any longer than if you called the cab yourself. >> we contract with nine different companies and it comes up in their queue. the time is no longer. >> rather than drinking and driving or letting somebody else, call 1-800-200-taxi, not just for your safety but others safety as well. >> it keeps people from hurting themselves or hurting other people. >> people will be here from 10:00 a.m. until -- from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the number again, 1-800-200- taxi. there is extra excitement surrounding new year's eve because tonight is the $242 million mega millions drawing. tickets are selling so fast that the jackpot is likely to grow even more. while the odds of winning odds of1 in 176 million, that has not
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stopped people from dreaming. >> retirement, definitely, working for nobody. >> i have been doing this 20 years and never won anything. >> keep you going? >> it is a challenge for me. >> watch the drawing tonight right here on abc 7 news at 11:00. i still to come, heading to court, the families of two virginia tech victims are taking additional legal action. >> new leadership, new year, some of the most recognizable faces in politics leaving office.
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a three alarm fire has significantly damaged a family- owned restaurant in maryland at around 5:30 this morning at the old stein inn in edgewater. firefighters from anne arundel county, annapolis, and the naval academy were called in to assist. it was opened in 1983 from -- in 1983 by a couple from germany. most of the victims of the virginia tech victims -- most of the families of the virginia tech victims have accepted the
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settlement, but to families refused. there $10 million lawsuit claims university officials acted appropriately the morning of the shooting. next wednesday, the full house and one-third of the senate will be sworn in. under new house speaker john boehner, republicans have pledged to repeal health care reform and permanently extend tax cuts. starting tomorrow, some of the nation's most high-profile governors will leave their posts. david patterson of the or, the michigan governor, and bill richardson will all finished their terms monday. california gov. arnold sports and it will step aside for -- gov. arnold said schwarzenegger will step aside for former gov. jerry brown. next, we checked in with the people who are working to make
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sure that partygoers ring and the new year's in style. >> plus, steve rudin looks at the forecast. >> in less than 24 hours, but a classic will be here. will it go off as planned? a big trade happened today. and the wizards played on the road.
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less than six hours for mooring in 2011. a-- from morning in 2011. >> there are lots of big events tonight. >> this is one of the popular destinations, the w hotel, getting ready for the big party. we have been seeing that across the area. they say lots of washington etonians -- they sell lots of washingtonians are ready to celebrate the new year. today across from the white house, the staff was busy creating the final touches for the new year's eve celebration.
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that means lots of fine french food and of course this. >> the key ingredient if you need champagne and baubles. >> at dupont circle, they were getting ready for parties large and small. some will be entertaining at home this year to save money and avoid the crowds. >> it is less expensive and you get to be comfortable and hang out with your friends, compared with awkward situations and a tight dress. >> here at the hotel, the final preparations. the screen is set on a rooftop, with plenty to eat and drink. with tickets sold out, this downtown hot spot has special touches planned. >> we were excited that sold out fairly early. we usually do not get most of the bookings for new year's eve
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until after christmas. but our packages started selling out well in advance of christmas. >> we saw lots of celebrations today. one couple came to washington so they could get married legally in washington. just now inside the hotel, the champagne is flowing freely, tony got down on his knees and proposed to megan. she said the gas and there is lots of celebrating in downtown washington. -- she said yes. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. no need for the umbrella tonight, just a light jacket. the temperatures will be comfortable, not a lot of wind chill. outside at this hour, the white house is quiet, nobody home tonight. they are in hawaii. quiet evening and had at the white house and hopefully where
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you are going it will be safe and happy to ring and the new year. on the weatherbug network, wtop radio, upper northwest, 47 degrees. 52 currently in woodstock, high of 57. the final stop, annapolis, cooler on the bay, 30 degrees, the wind chill factor, not much of a problem. the scoreboard, 50 degrees the high temperature at reagan national airport, seven degrees above average. the record low, 13 below, set back in 1880. 46 degrees at reagan national, the clouds breaking up. wind chill factor of 44, the wind out of the south at 5. $40, 49 winchester, mild air off to the west, 61 indianapolis, 63-phil perry the cold front -- a 63-filled. the cold front losing its punch.
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arkansas and missouri, 18 confirmed tornados carry nothing like that for our area at the next 48 hours, but the watches keep piling up. southern illinois, missouri, arkansas, these are correct tornado watches. we're also looking at blizzard warnings across the dakotas, anywhere from 18-24 inches of snow, wind gusts around 50 m.p.h. expect significant delays out west. the future-cast, cloud the pricking up overnight, then the cold front role cent -- the clouds breaking up overnight, then the cold front rolls in. showers finished sunday morning. the skies cleared nicely. closer, the mid-atlantic, showers arrive west to east. then everything clears out. new year's eve, the temperatures fall into the low 40's by midnight, partly cloudy skies.
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evening lows falling into the 30's. tomorrow, not bad, increasing clouds. 55-60 degrees, mild temperatures not lasting long. cooler, drier air moving in monday, tuesday, and wednesday, daytime highs in the 40's. desk,e toyota sports brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. we were talking about the weather, but it is appropriate with sports also. >> dominating the headlines with hockey. if the capitals fans alumni game is any indication of the heated rivalry, we are in for quite a match up. they skated to a tie, but that will not be the case tomorrow when sidney crosby and alex ovechkin face-off. heinz field is ready to go, but
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mother nature is not cooperating, the game has been rescheduled to 8:00 at night because of an 80% chance of rain in the afternoon. this has been a long time coming, and rain or shine, the capitals are ready to get started. >> in the end, it is two points, but we all want the game of hockey to grow and this is a big deal. to be part of this is very lucky. in five years you will sit at, and whether you are ever in one of these again, it will be great. if we can help build hockey in the u.s. and canada and all of the world by putting on a great show for these people, it is more than two points. one new year's resolution for the wizards -- when on the road. they're hoping to break their 15-game road losing streak against the pacers, but there is always next year. at first half, the pacers with
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the ball down low. he goes off, strong for the jam. ithibbard had 17 points -- hibbard had 17 points for the day. john wall the drive, the circus shot, 17 in the third quarter. but washington had 22 turnovers on the day. george for the alley-oop. the pacers win, 95-86. the wizards have now lost 16 straight road games to start the season. the redskins played their last game sunday against the giants. this may as well have been a playoff game for the giants because if they did not win, they don't make the playoffs. the spoiler role is one the redskins know well. they've ruined it jacksonville's postseason run, and now that a chance against a bitter division rival. when they matched up in the new
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meadowlands, the giants literally ran all over the redskins, rushing for 197 yards on 36 carries. new york won that game 31-7. now the redskins are ready for round two. >> we feel good coming in. they have had success against us. we need to play better. they got the best of us last time we played, so we are expecting a hard-fought game from them, but we are prepared. sorry, nationals fans, they lost out on derrek lee, who agreed to a one-year deal with the baltimore orioles. he got 19 home runs and 80 rbi's in 148 games last season. that looks like the nationals will now focus on adam laroche. in a local call the troops, george washington narrowly beat all the cross today.
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-- in
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this is a live look at times square, more than a million people expected. it it will have good weather. >> not a bad evening, partly cloudy skies, temperatures at midnight and the low 40's, the wind out of the southwest.
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welcoming the new year with " a temperatures monday through wednesday. -- welcoming the new year with cooler temperatures monday through wednesday. >> have a good night, stay safe, and enjoy yourself. >> at the new year's.
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